Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gorgeous day today! Warm, sunny, blue, breezy. I worked for a few hours, then came home and read and wrote (mostly revisions; still hoping to make the "Expedition of the Vaccine" poem work). Weeded the vegetable beds and the gravel paths. Filled the bird baths.

Summer is coming and I am psyched!


Tonight is AI. I am for Blake (natch). He is the most creative, the most original (the most cute). Someone whose albums I might buy.


My 20-year UW Med School Reunion is this June 1st. OMG. Do I feel old now or what? But seriously, I haven't really kept in touch with more than a couple of people out of a class of 175. Still, I think it will be fun to see who shows up.



Montgomery Maxton said...

i am a summer baby

Collin said...

I still miss Sanjaya. Sigh.