Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peony Envy

I have peony-envy. Check out the object of my jealousy here.


Seriously, our peonies are doing quite well this year. We have two bushes: one is pink and the other is reddish-pink, and they are both doubles. I staked them up in time before they could flop over in the rain. Dean cut a gorgeous bloom the other day and it has been opening on the kitchen table. A lovely fragrance each morning. I love how the little seed head forms in the very center. Very erotic.


I was at KF's house the other evening for poetry group, and she had three huge gorgeous garnet-colored peonies together in a vase on the kitchen table.


"Peony Envy." Hmmm. Perhaps a poem title?


Cancer (June 22-July 22)
Your traits: compassionate, energetic, intuitive and imaginative. Your sensitivity, loyalty and organizational skills make you an excellent caregiver.

Compatible jobs: Tap into your nurturing nature with a job in *healthcare*, social work, psychology or teaching. You might also consider a career in law, where your desire to protect and defend others would be put to good use.

Famously successful Cancers: Diana, Princess of Wales, Nelson Mandela, Nelson Rockefeller.



Anne said...

I've heard it as both PEE-a-nee and pee-OH-nee. How do you pronounce it?

Here in Indiana, some people pronounce peonies "pineys." That's just weird to me.

Peter said...

Hi Anne: I think I say PEE-oh-Nee? (hard stress on PEE, middle stress on Nee, and no stress on oh).

I know that sounds weird, but perhaps it is a Warshontonian pronounce-eeh-ay-shun?

Anne said...

Peter - that sounds like about how I say it here in Indianer. :)

The "piney" thing is just weird. I've only heard it from true dyed-in-the-wool Hoosiers.

Pamela said...

Anne--Here in Kin-tucky, it's often PEA-OH-KNEE with three equal stresses.

Peter--Instead of laundry, we do the warsh here--didn't know that was a West Coast thing. LOL.

Suzanne said...

My peonies are going to open any day now. I can't wait.

RJGibson said...

I'm a definite Pee-Oh-Nee. My mother however, calls them Pinies.

A sweet william question for you Peter--have you noticed siginificant color variations in the same bunch? I separated a mother colony last year and now have three distinct shades of pink. Not sure if this is to do with soil or what...but curious.

Peter said...

RJG: fascinating about the color change of your sweet william (love that name). I have not seen that happen. Instead, we had several different colors, and now this strong deep red is the only shade we have.