Sunday, May 06, 2007

From the Double-Tongued Dictionary:

Catchword: cardiodiabesity
Part of Speech: n.
Smith says a deadly troika of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity—or cardiodiabesity—as he calls it, is killing one Australian every few minutes.


Catchword: iliac furrow
Part of Speech: n.
“I am filled with bitter resentment and burning envy at the sight of this young fellow’s pronounced iliac furrow."…"There is reason to envy someone skinny enough to have such a pronounced apollo’s belt. i often tell people that I have one, but that it’s just covered in a layer of fat."…"round here we call those cum gutters.”


Collin said...

Cum gutters. Oooh my...


RJGibson said...

I kept reading that as "lilac furrow" and wondered what the six-pack pic had to do with that. As soon as I read "cum gutters" I realized my mistake.