Saturday, May 05, 2007

Summer's Coming, I Can Feel It.

I was looking out the kitchen window about 9:05 PM last night, and it was still light out, with clear baby-blue skies, in the far northwest. And it made me feel so happy, almost giddy, to think that the long days of summer will soon be here. I LOVE this time of year. It's one of the advantages of living as far north as Seattle: the long summer nights. We all tend to stay up later, get more done, become a little manic. (Unlike the winters, when we all hunker down in the dark, and read books, and go to sleep by 8:00).


From the Double-Tounged Dictionary:

Catchword: preing
Part of Speech: n.
“Pre” is no longer a prefix placed in front of a word meaning “before.” In Jamaica today if someone is “preing” you it means they are checking out or observing you.

From HG poetics:

Where the "experimentalists" get it wrong : they forget that calculation = prose.

Poetry is the surge of music pressing against every form of utilitarian, merely functional speech. The poet shapes reality through song : we forget how different this behavior is, how different it sounds.

& I'm not talking (in obscurantist, pseudo-romantic, sub-intellectual, "mystical" fashion) about poetry vs. reason. Ultimately these opposites meet : that's what song celebrates.


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