Monday, May 07, 2007

Dean and I planted the rest of the garden over the weekend. We have 14 tomato plants, a zuke, a cuke, a crookneck squash, 9 or ten basil, 12 Walla Walla sweets, rows and rows of lettuce, a bed of garlic, a patch of raspberries. Is till want a watermellon and a canteloupe, but Dean is balking (no room!)

Unfortunately, the broccoli and cauliflower we planted last month is not doing well at all. It's probably root maggots. We refuse to use toxic shit like diazinone to kill them. We'd tried diatomaceous earth this year, but apparently it didn't work.

In a couple weeks, three at the most, the pears will be big enough for us to put nylon footies on them (remember those?).

And in other farm news: a six legged calf with no anus was born in Nebraska.


cornshake said...

ha! i have seedlings of both cantaloupe AND watermelon and have no idea where to put them and D is all like, "Told you so!"

Joannie said...

I'm still trying to find room for a zuke or two, even though I am hopelessly inept and cannot actually grow zucchini--I'm just hoping for some blossoms that I can stuff with ricotta cheese.

Pamela said...

Peter, it's might be too late for this year's crop, but next year you might want to try a floating cover to prevent the maggots from moving in on your crucifers (Is that a word?). It's a little trouble, but my gardener friend thinks it's worth it for the broccoli. He has planted a couple of melons in a big tub, too.

I only do flowers and herbs because our yard is too wet. We could almost have aquaculture.

Peter said...

We tried the floating row cover with the diatomaceous earth, and still got maggoted (is that a word?). I think the offending creatures might be in the soil already. I would love to get some broccoli to grow. We may just have to try separate pots?

Peter said...

PS: Yes it is Cucifers/Cruciferous.
I LOVE that word. Like "crucifix." Which I think has to do with the cross shape of the plant.