Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yay Serena!

Serena Williams routed Dinara Safina 6-0, 6-3 Saturday to win the Australian Open — her 10th Grand Slam title — and return to the No. 1 ranking.

It was total domination for second-seeded Williams, who looked at ease in winning back-to-back Grand Slam titles and was moving fluidly on the court.

That was a sharp contrast to No. 3 Safina, who was tight from the start. Later apologizing to the crowd for her performance, she said Williams was just too good, leaving her feeling like a ballboy.


The woman who just gave birth to octuplets (using fertility drugs, of course) already had six kids. Six kids! Age 2-7. And she is a single mom, raising them on her own, living with her parents. And, get this: she recently declared bankruptcy!

Now, I usually try to respect everybody's decisions about what they do with their lives. But this has me a little perturbed. The fertility doctor should have his head examined. She says she just likes having kids. But it's not about her. What about being one of those 14 kids? Do you really think she is going to be able to love and care for each one? That each one will feel special and wanted? I really doubt it. Coming from a really large family myself, I have some experience in this. I think these kids are gonna feel like they are growing up in an orphanage. Or, worse yet, a kennel.

Also, there is the significant chance that these 8 newborns, all premature, are going to have special needs, grow up with disabilities of some kind, require a lot of medical care, which all of us, through medicaid, special ed, etc, are going to be paying for. In the end I think it is pretty selfish, to go through with this multiple pregnancy, primarily to satisfy her fetish to make a lot of babies. When she already had six.

end of rant . . .



Justin Evans said...

The latest news was that her retired father is re-joining the workforce to help pay for this new life.

You ar correct in saying she is selfish. I would also like to add I think she is completely wrong in her decision to have more kids via fertility medecine seeing she laready had six kids.

I am wondering if the doctor can be reviewed for professional mis-conduct in a case like this.

Suzanne said...

I agree with you.

Radish King said...

Thanks for this. It stymies me. I was a single mom of ONE child and raising him was the hardest thing I ever did.


Premium T. said...

I was stunned to read yesterday that she already had six kids, and now this is even more shocking. Shame on her. Having children is not 101 Science Projects for Fun & Entertainment.

RJGibson said...

It gets better--she's apparently looking for gigs as a TV Childcare Expert.


Peter said...

RJ: OMG. That's as rich as Brittany Spears' mom's parenting book.

RJGibson said...

Ain't it tho?