Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There *Is* a God!

Eyman Fails to Deliver

After hijacking an anti-gay-rights referendum from its evangelical backers, Tim Eyman ran it into the ground Tuesday.

Minutes before the filing deadline, the for-profit initiative promoter surprised many political experts by announcing in Olympia that he and other supporters failed -- by a wide margin -- to gather enough voter signatures to force a public vote on the state's new gay civil rights law.

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In other news: it looks like the "Ammendment to Ban Gay Marriage" is going down to defeat in the other Washington (DC). With all the work that is needing to get done, it amazes me that conservative leaders would take three weeks out of a tight legislative schedule to force a vote on this. What about Iraq? the economy? health care? the environment? global warming? Bunch of frigging idiot bigots. History will not look kindly upon them.


C. Dale said...

History will not just look unkindly upon them, it will savage them. Bigotry is never pretty in textbooks.

Kells said...

Tim Eyman is a political nightmare and someone who uses politics to increase his own bank account. He makes me sick. I could never believe one person could make such a mess, then I saw Tim Eyman... then I saw Bush.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with the leaders of this country recently. Yes, bigots, and I hope they spell their names correctly in the history books so future generations will know exactly which people they should be ashamed of for their prejudice, hatefulness, and complete lack of compassion.

Well, now I'm all worked up. Better go rip out some morning glory. ;-)

Radish King said...

And don't forget this With an 85-17 vote, the Louisiana House passed a ban on most abortions, with exceptions to save the life of the pregnant woman or prevent serious physical harm. The AP reports that doctors could face fines of $100,000 and incarceration up to 10 years if found guilty of performing illegal abortions. House members rejected an amendment to allow exceptions for victims of rape and incest.

What times we live in.

Peter said...

Rebecca: OMG, was this something current? Or from the 50's? My oh my. What a world.

Peter said...

C Dale: We can only hope.

Radish King said...

No, just a couple days ago. It only goes into affect if Roe v Wade is overturned. There's something to think about.

Peter said...

Rebecca: Holy shit.