Thursday, May 17, 2007


The Olympia Poetry Network reading was AWESOME! A great turnout, a very attentive and enthusiastic audience, it was a gas reading for them, and I ran out of books (I will be mailing out copies later today to the people who were nice enough to wait for one in the mail). There is a really strong poetry community happening in Olympia, and they deserve an award or a newspaper article or a big fat grant or something. Thank you thank you again for having me out. You really know how to host a reading!

I was sorry to be late and miss most of the open mic. What I heard was terrific. But I was a held up at clinic. My last patient of the day, an 11 yo Hispanic teen who needed a t-dap for school, fainted and had a seizure after getting his shot. And then he was horribly post-ictal and just would not wake up, and we needed to transport him to the hospital for evaluation. (I heard this morning that he eventually woke up fine and was sent home later that night.)


I have resurrected a few short stories I wrote back in the early 90's. They are so old, I no longer have them on computer files. So I went to Kinkos and used their OCR scanner to get them back into a digital file. OMG. These stories are not bad. A little dated, but not bad! I am inspired to write some fiction again. Charles J: I think your prose bug is catching.


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