Wednesday, October 01, 2008

RIP Hayden Carruth

This is one of my favorite poems of his:


Tap barometer, burn trash,
put out seed for birds, tap
barometer, go to market
for doughnuts and Dutch
Masters, feed cat, write
President, tap barometer,
take baby aspirin, write
congressmen, nap, watch
Bills vs. Patriots, tap
barometer, go to post
office and ask Diane if
it's cold enough for her,
go to diner and say "hi,
babe" to Mazie, go to
barber shop and read
Sports Illustrated, go
home, take a load off,
tap barometer, go to
liquor store for jug
(Gallo chablis), go
home, pee, etc., sweep
cellar stairs (be careful!),
write letter to editor,
count dimes, count quarters,
tap the fucking barometer . . .


~ said...

Oh no. Thanks for sharing this news, and his wonderful poem.

Kelly said...

I liked the poem. Seems as though the barometer may not last through the relationship though ;)

Thanks for posting!

Collin said...

His voice will be missed.