Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Color

Had a very domestic day today. Dean and I spent the morning at the Seattle Home Show (also known as the HoMo show). We got some good leads for getting solar panels, stone steps for the front stairway, a tile installer for the basement bathroom. So many projects we could do.

Came home and worked a bit in the yard. And then canned a batch of pears: eight large jars. We have never canned pears before, and hope we did it right: boiled and sterilized everything for the prescribed time, then cooked the pears for five minutes in the sugar water before hot processing them 20 minutes in the boiling water bath. We don't want any botulism here. So far they look pretty good (see pic below).

The fall colors have been amazing this year, don't you think? Pictures just don't do it justice.

PS: Best wishes to my niece Jaclyn and her new husband Steve. The wedding yesterday was beautiful. And the reception was a gas!

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