Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden-Palin debate

After so much build-up, it was inevitable: the Vice Presidential debate was a bore. There was nothing really enlightening or surprising that occurred. I did not learn anything new. Biden looked much older than I remembered. And Palin seemed even more slimy and bimbo-ish than I remembered. If she smiled saucily and *winked* into the camera one more time, I thought I would puke!

The worst part of the debate: when BOTH candidates said they did not believe in gay marriage. Talk about a sock in the gut. To have one's own life invalidated by both major parties. Eeeeesh. Thank god I am not a "single-issue" voter!

Still: I believe Biden is BY FAR the better VP candidate. And Obama is gonna win the election.



~ said...

RE: The worst part of the debate: when BOTH candidates said they did not believe in gay marriage..


I turned off the tv when Biden said that as it makes me so angry. It makes me so upset that the party I support is so closed minded and/or afraid to say "I support gay marriage."

Of course I will still vote for Obama, but that does drive me crazy. I have hope for the next generation, I think they will be much more accepting and supportive.

And with Sarah, no more winking in the camera, a VP has to do more than be cute. Holy flirty governor, it was a debate not speed dating.

Joannie said...

I was so disappointed when Biden said that he and Obama were against gay marriage.

For the time being, there is still California.

Aside from that disappointing moment, the debates were dull--and mostly because everyone expected Palin to self-destruct. Anything short of that would be seen as a win, and it was.

But I did like when Biden would go through his 1...2... analysis. I guess I just enjoy a nod to the concept of facts.

Radish King said...

I honestly could not believe that statement because just before, Biden was saying how he supported the constitutional rights of gay couples. That he agreed with Palin on marriage really truly shocked me and made me feel sick. What century are we in for crap sake? Thank god they only debate once. And I agree with Kelli about all that winking in the camera can I call ya Joe, dropped ings, gosh darns and hecks are not appropriate though some people will be fooled by her. They would vote republican anyway. God. I want to move to France.

ps. Did you notice how she started out saying nuculir just like good old GB, but switche halfway through to nuclear? Someone must have cued her, or she found her notes.


Peter said...

RK: Ack is right! I hope the *undecided* voters out there in the *swing states* (wheee!) are not fooled by her bullshit.

I can forgive Biden, for now, on the gay marriage question. I think I saw his fingers were crossed behind his back.

Collin said...

Gosh darn it, Joe Six Pack, Maverick, gotcha!

Nancy said...

I wonder if it's because I was listening on the radio, and couldn't see the candidates--but I found the dabate very engaging, much more so than the presidential debate (also heard on radio). Palin came across to me as sticking to talk points and always bringing the conversation back to her self-perceived "strengths." I'd never heard Biden give a full speech or extended talk, and I found him extremely well-spoken and thoughtful and genuine--and interesting. Not the "canned" or packaged kind of genuine that Palin sells. I too was appalled when Biden made the distinction between civil rights and marriage, and I agree with Kelli than it may take another generation before that changes. My students seem to not be interested in making distinctions like that over the word "marriage." Palin's pronounciation of NUCULER was very clear on the radio, and I didn't notice her ever changing it! It was also clear that she was emphasizing STRAIGHT talk, repeating that phrase several times when speaking of marriage, in a homophobic way....

Ron Slate said...

Dammit, I thought she was winking only at me.