Sunday, October 05, 2008

I've been reading Kevin McFadden's Hardscrabble. It's a pretty fun book. This guy is ten times more obsessive with anagrams than I am. But some of my favorite poems in the book are the ones based on typos found in old Bibles, for instance, the 1801 edition known as the Murderers Bible where Jude 16 reads "These are murderers" instead of "murmurers."


I hope this map holds true:
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I feel sorry for this kid:
Boy, 3, faces lifelong Bart Simpson scar after suffering reaction to henna tattoo


The Sublibrarian said...

Doggone it. Now I have another website to check and another book to read. (I've been following the electoral vote at FiveThirtyEight.)

I hope the vote holds, too. McCain/Palin scare me.

Peter said...

R: I think you would definitely like Hardscrabble.

Heather said...

The book sounds fascinating. You have an excellent blog, on top of your poetry!

That's actually why I stopped by: I hope you don't think this is intrusive, it being a blog and all, but I'm a student in a poetry writing class, and for our final we have to interview a poet whose work we admire, and since I read "Nursemaid's Elbow" in last year's Best American Poetry, I've been trying to read as much of your writing as I can, because it's really amazing... so I was wondering if you'd possibly be interested? You can leave a comment on one of my dumb abandoned blogs and I can give you my email, if you have the time.

Adam said...

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