Thursday, October 06, 2005


Dean's food was so rich last night that he got a really bad case of the hiccups, and they wouldn't go away for almost two hours. Yikes. He tried everything: holding his breath, drinking water, gargling, coughing, singing, bearing down, jumping jacks, me saying "BOO!": nothing worked. I fell asleep and he was still hiccuping (such a loving partner, I know . . . ~grin~).

Anybody have any sure-fire cures for hiccups? (I have a poem about this, but it was totally useless).


Pamela said...

This is a sure-fire cure--put a teaspoonful of sugar under your tongue. Let it melt--and don't talk during the time. By the time that the sugar is melted (maybe 2 minutes), the hiccups will be gone. I learned this from my great-grandmother, and it hasn't failed me in 40-plus years.

jeannine said...

Similar cure - a teaspoon of half granulated sugar and half lemon juice. It works for me :)

Radish King said...

You know the cure.


jenni said...

my doggy gets the hiccups sometimes. i throw her on the bed and they usually go away. try throwing him on the bed. --grin--

Peter said...

Thanks P, J, R, J.
Dean said he finally ended up "pushing down like I was having a baby," and the hiccups finally went away. ~grin~
But I like the idea of throwing him on the bed. Thanks for that. *wink*

Laurel said...

It always works for me to drink a glass of water upside down, without stopping. Something about the way it goes down...

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the upside down glass of water thing too.

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

I drink an entire cup of water without breathing for a count of ten. Always works for me. I don't get hiccups anymore -- worries me, like my edges are wearing off.

Anonymous said...


This has always worked for me (But it requires two people).

You face the hiccup person and have them give you their arms with their palms up. You grab onto his wrists, tightly, but not hard enough to cause hiccup person to cry. You then hold his wrists tightly while looking him in the eyes for one minute and a half. Usually by the time you reach the minute mark, they are gone. (If they are not gone, you at least had a nice romantic moment.)

Actually, this has always worked for me. I'm the person with hiccups who can be heard saying, "You, grab my wrists!" ;-)

Perhaps, we have a new way to make friends.

Take care,
(anonymous today)

Radish King said...

Whenever I turn a glass of water upside down, all the water comes out.
Please advise.

Collin said...

Yep, I was going to recommend the sugar as well. Always works for me, too.

Peter said...

Kelli: Love this idea! Amore vs. hiccups.
Rebecca: Whenever I try to drink a glass of water upside down, it all goes up (down?) my nose. I don't get it either. I'm afraid I'd drown.
Collin: Yes, I was going to try emptying a packet of Sweet-n-Low, or Splenda under Dean's tongue. Do you think an "artificial" sweetener would work as well?


Radish King said...

I read this Splendid under the Devil's tongue.

Do you think I'm possessed?