Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Fool

I have always been drawn to the Tarot, and my favorite card of the Major Arcana is The Fool. For me, The Fool symbolizes innocence and the willingness to make new starts, to attempt the impossible, throw caution to the wind. The downside of The Fool is folly and indiscretion.

The Fool
— Rider-Waite Tarot

Nippy dog at my heel, purse slung
across one shoulder, I stumble
cliffward, sniffing a white rose. Snow
rings the mountains, my winter coat
is torn. If only I would turn,
face the sun setting at my back.
Instead I follow my shadow —
where the journey begins.



A. D. said...

I think you just typed the url for the image incorrectly (with a space between ...~fools/ and artwork...).

If you delete the space it should solve your problem.

Peter said...

It worked!
You are a genius, and a helluva nice guy. Thank you!!

A. D. said...

No problem.

I have to say that this post and the response to yesterday's have made me think of "The Joker" of Steve Miller fame.

I never did find out what the "pompitous of love" was.

Suzanne said...

He made it up.

I can definitely relate to "The Fool." Eerie. :-)

Peter said...

"Pompitous of Love" what a great blog name! :)

Jennifer said...

You might check out "Some Major Arcana in the Tarot of Bob", here.

Peter said...

Oh Jennifer: the Tarot of Bob is wonderful, fantastic, a hoot!
"For the world, one wears a mask. For the truth, one looks in a mirror."
Thanks for this.

early hours of sky said...

whenever I have my cards read I always get all the women cards and I always led by the moon. Not a bad thing to be led by, T

David Koehn said...

Words I live by:

"...a fool who persists in his folly is sure to succeed."

William Blake

Peter said...

David: thanks, I like this. I'll put it over my writing desk. :)