Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's the link to the NPR/KUOW show with my reading of "October Journal." It starts about one minute in. I really enjoyed hearing Megan Sukys and Elizabeth Austen's conversation about the poem. It's fascinating to hear what people will find, or be moved by, or latch on to, especially in a long poem such as this one. Check it out!

Several friends heard the show (I didn't as I was seeing patients at the time), and told me that on one of the promo spots the announcer mistakenly said I would be reading a poem about the changing of the seasons and "life with my wife." HAHAHAHA! Oooops!

Dean said KUOW called later to apologize for the error. We both just laughed it off.


In other news: Dean foiled three robbers who had broken in to our neighbor's house yesterday. He saw them break a window in her back porch door, and he called 911, then stayed on the line while waiting for the cops to arrive, watching their activities through our blinds. The cops caught them all red-handed as they tried to run away through the park across the street, laden with back packs and a suticase full of her stuff.

Apparently an adult in a large SUV was waiting for them on the opposite side of the park, to help them make a get away. It's been a major problem in our neighborhood for the past few months. Kids that look like high school kids with back packs will wander around and knock on doors of houses, and if no one answers will break in, mostly looking for electronic equipment (cameras, laptops, ipods etc). The police have been trying to catch them for weeks, but always seem to get there too late. Now they got 'em! Yay Dean! (He should be on an episode of cops, non?)


Pamela said...

Dean's my hero.

Great poem, great discussion.

Joannie said...

Hooray for Dean!

RJGibson said...

Fantastic! Get em Dean!