Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's good to know Andrei Codrescu's Exquisite Corpse will be coming back to appear in a print version soon. It was one of my favorite lit mags in the 90's, when you could browse it at the bookstore rack, buy a copy if so moved (I think I even subscribed for a while):

Exquisite Corpse: A Journal of Letters & Life, a 25-year-old journal that has been available only on the Internet for the past decade, will publish an annual edition through the Conway campus. The Corpse is edited by author Andrei Codrescu. UCA writing professor Mark Spitzer serves as managing editor.

The magazine has published authors that include Hunter S. Thompson, Ted Berrigan, Ed Sanders, Robert Creeley and countless others. It is being published through the Department of Writing in UCA's College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Introducing an anthology of writings from the early editions of the Corpse, Codrescu wrote that the magazine "relishes a fight the way academics crave prizes" and said it was "dedicated to the blurring of genres, demolishing distinctions between poetry and prose, lyric and reportage, essay and manifesto."


And speaking of exquisite corpses, this video is just too funny. Enjoy!


Premium T. said...

Omg. Or should I say JESUS CHRIST this is funny!
You made me spit out my coffee.

Ron Slate said...

Also: Coffee House Press has just published Andrei's JEALOUS WITNESS -- poems about New Orleans' wreckage and revival -- and lots of other topics. The book comes with a CD -- music by the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars accompanying his poems.

LET'S WATCH MY HOUSE FLOAT (Or, lawyers having p.t.s.d Sex)

I met a lawyer in the street
usually it's hey hey I gotta go
or you owe me that dinner you know
but now it's hey can you drive me
to lakeview to see my house rot
sure why not
let's drive to lakeview
to see where your house used to float
and then to the ninth to see everybody's houses rot
and then let's have some drinks on the levee
like you wasn't my lawyer who took everything I got
when I sued my broker for overbuying techs
that was the nineties so long long ago
let's watch the river flow we got nothing else to do
then let's have p.t.s.d. sex
start everything from scratch