Monday, July 30, 2007


Our local NPR affiliate, KUOW, will feature excerpts of my reading from WHAT’S WRITTEN ON THE BODY (Open Books, March 11) on "The Beat" at 2pm on July 30. It will be archived on the site after the live broadcast. You can go here or here to listen. They actually did some fascinating analysis of the poems. I am in awe.



At 2:05 p.m. - Peter Pereira
Primary care physician and self-described Scrabble junkie Peter Pereira reads from his new collection of poetry, What's Written on the Body (Copper Canyon Press, 2007). Today he reads poems that explore how the way we perceive a thing shapes how we experience it. Peter Pereira is a family physician at High Point Community Clinic in West Seattle. His previous books are The Lost Twin and Saying the World. Recorded March 11th, 2007 at Open Books: A Poem Emporium.


Kelly in Nebraska said...

Peter, I met you very briefly in the lobby at AWP, where I was talking with Collin. I have a question to ask you, if you wouldn't mind letting me have your email address. You can reach me at kme at inebraska dot com.

- Kelly

Kelly in Nebraska said...

Sorry, meant to give you my web site as well:

Peter said...

Hi Kelly I'll drop you an email.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Wonderful program, Peter. Enjoyed the reading thoroughly. Also, the close view of your poetics.