Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I *Heart* Michael Moore


RJGibson said...

Peter--I'm looking forward to Sicko--most likely I'll have to get it on DVD...I doubt it's gonna play here in the hinterlands.

Unrelatedly--I got "What's Written On the Body" in the mail today. I can't wait to sit down with it.

aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...

This was the most telling line was spoken by Wolf -- "this is a business, obviously."

Hmmm, "news" as a business...it explains a lot.

Go Mike! (love the glasses too)

Peter said...

RJ: Sicko was great, though is Seattle he is preaching to the converted for the most part.
Hope you enjoy WWOTB.

K: Yes. Very telling. And I think poor Wolf, in his heart of hearts, knows he is part of the problem.

Erin said...

Peter, yes, yes, & yes.

SiCKO made me mad, & then I got hopeful. Something to do with the tone of this film & probably the company I was with.

Hope you're well. Off the cuff, what's your favorite aspect of Seattle?

Collin said...

This was brilliant!!! Saw it yesterday. Moore is going to confront Gupta tonight on Larry King Live. Set that TiVo!

Peter said...

E: I love the coffee, and the poets best.
C: Oh! I will have to watch that.

Peter said...

E: Oh yes-- our excellent community clinic network, where all people can get health care, regardless of ability to pay.