Thursday, July 19, 2007

Come to Soulfood

I am reading at the Soulfood Books poetry series in Redmond tonight, with Nancy Pagh of No Sweeter Fat fame.
If you are nearby, come on down! (Especially all you Microsofties, you know you need a break). The reading starts at 7pm. Directions here.


From Webster's Daily:

Abyss, n.

That which is immeasurable. That in which any thing is lost.

After three days and nine chapters of writing ficiton, this is where I feel I have been.


A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

I can't believe you've written nine chapters in three days. That's amazing, Doc! Well done!

... unless, of course, your chapters are like half a page long. In which case, I'm just not that impressed.

Peter said...

AJ: LOL. Each chapter was about 3-6 pages single spaced. But don't be too impressed. They're rough rough rough drafts. And I am pooped. I am not sure I am made out for this fiction stuff.

Ron Mohring said...

writing fiction is slow labor for me; congrats on getting even that much down. Oh, and I tagged you on my blog but I promise never to do it again.

RJGibson said...

Peter: rough rough drafts or no, that's a pretty good output either way.

Just finished WWOTB yesterday morning. Love it. Envy great swaths of it. Can't wait to go back next week and revisit.

Joannie said...

How did the reading go? I enjoy hearing you read your work, and I caught some of Nancy Pagh's on KUOW. All in all, the Soulfood reading sounded like it would be a wonderful poetry repast.

Peter said...

RM: thanks for the tag (not!) hehehe. We'll see if I can think of 8 things.

RJ: Glad you enjoyed WWOTB.

J: It was a fun reading. See next post.