Monday, July 09, 2007

White House Debates Iraq Pullout

From the NY Times article this morning.

It's about time.
Pull it out George. We've all been screwed enough.


And in poetry news: this prize-winning German book of poems(written by an South African-born poet) sounds interesting.

"'I only started writing poetry around 1996. When I was at university I always used to laugh at these guys with their silly little poems in little books and magazines. But then my life really crash-landed when I was in Germany. . . . I discovered Raymond Carver [and] everything changed.'
" . . .In 2005 he was nominated for the DaimlerChrysler Award for Poetry; last year Tafelberg published his debut, for which he won the Eugène Marais Prize; now he’s in Holland taking part in Europe’s biggest poetry festival."

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