Sunday, July 29, 2007

Water for our Troops!

from poet Anne Caston:

"Dear friends, colleagues, and acquaintances,
I am writing to tell you that I have just learned from my son (a medic in Iraq, in Baghdad) that there is a shortage of potable water there now: the troops are having to ration water...and there are more troops arriving every day. He works nights and has to sleep days - in a tent that often reaches into the low 100s during the day. While there is probably nothing the current administration can do about the desert heat, I suspect that it does have some ability to get drinking water to the troops. So please, if you are so moved - by your heart or by your conscience - send a letter to the President and ask that he acts immediately to insure that our soldiers have sufficient drinking water.
I am currently begging the local Postmaster to allow us to send bottled water to our son's unit, though the USPS has a policy which prohibits the mailing of liquids. Perhaps if I can convince them that I will ship it in styrofoam coolers, well-taped to avoid leakage, they will allow it. So, if you don't feel comfortable sending a letter to President Bush, perhaps a letter to the Postmaster General would be more amenable for you?
Thank you for your time and attention. Let us pray that "staying the course" doesn't mean our sons and daughters overseas go without drinking water for much longer.

Anne Caston"


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