Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tim Hardaway Says He Hates Gays?

Sounds like somebody has "issues?"
You know, it is usually the most homophobic who have something to hide, something they are personally ashamed of, or resisting. Poor Tim.
Funny, I always thought he was one of us.


C. Dale said...

And people wonder why professional sports stars are afraid to come out. Well, at least he is honest. Didn't you love how he apologized for saying he hated gays? Hello, the problem isn't just that he said it but why on God's earth he feels this way. I used to like Hardaway. Thought he was a good player. But he has lost me as a fan. For life. I wonder how he would feel if someone as prominent as he is came out in a national news media moment and said they hated African Americans. Reminds me that many are right: Homophobia is the last acceptable form of bigotry.

Peter said...

Looks like the NBA has banned Tim Hardaway from Allstar weekend. Perhaps there is some hope for human rights in the sports world?

Collin said...

I posted about this, too. Hardagay has serious issues. You know he goes to bed at night dreaming of Isaiah Washington working him over. ;)

Charles said...

Nice photo choice for this post.