Saturday, February 17, 2007

Talk About Glued to the Television

This is just so sad. How could nobody have missed this poor old man for over a year?
And the TV still playing in front of him as he sat there all that time?
It's really spooky.

Body Found in Home a Year After Death
HAMPTON BAYS, N.Y. (Feb. 17) - The partially mummified body of a man dead for more than a year has been found in a chair in front of his television, which was still on, authorities said.


anything but poetry said...

Brandon and I were talking about this very thing and how sad it is! I saw it on the news and thought about it all weekend. Of course Brandon, ever the practical-minded one, wanted to know why his electricity wasn't cut off...It is a good question, I guess...

Peter said...

Hmmm. Electricity, that is a good question. Perhaps he lived in a building where it was subsidized?
And what about his mailbox getting full? Doesn't everybody get junk mail, at least?