Friday, February 02, 2007

From today's Poetry Daily.

Description of a Pear on a Pewter Dish

But pears prove to be impossible to describe.
—Czeslaw Milosz

See the blue there shadowed
beneath the yellow’s gloss.

That blue is the sky
within the cutis of the pear.

At night this sky grows dark
and unfolds a crust of distant stars.

It is these pale fires within its skin
that give the pear its taste of heaven.

Young Smith
Beloit Poetry Journal
Winter 2006-2007

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brent goodman said...


What a brilliant poem. It’s moments like this – deep insight that reveals the secret inner life within things – that I love so much in work by Francis Ponge, Ted Kooser, Elizabeth Bishop, Rilke . . . and now Young Smith as well!

Thanks for sharing - I've printed it out to hang on my office wall.