Wednesday, February 07, 2007



aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...

that makes me sad.
and angry.
and amazed.

My husband always corrects people when they say "We're destroying the earth." He says, "No, the earth will survive. We're destroying ourselves."

Thanks for posting this. A reminder that our footprints on earth are much too large.

C. Dale said...

I am sure you have heard that polar bears are drowning because the ice is melting and the ditance between floes keeps getting larger and larger. At first, I thought this was a tacky joke. But it isn't. They are really drowning because they can't make it the distance to the next ice floe.

Peter said...

It's really happening, and it's a bit scary. Water levels world wide may rise 10-20 feet.

I'm glad we live on higher ground. We may have beachfront property soon! hahaha

MrNemo said...


Marco Guide

breakdown said...

This is an awazing photo. Did anyone stay around enough to know if the polar bears were saved or go to a larger iceflow? Is it a recent photo?


cornshake said...

this makes me so sad

memo said...

this make me feel sad :(

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