Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Looking forward to going to Hotlanta for AWP, though it seems like I just got back from ASU. Ah, the life of a jet-setting poet (haha). But seriously, I'm really looking forward to meeting up with several po-bloggers and others.


And now for a little shameless self-promotion:

If you are at AWP make sure to stop by the Bloom booth. Charles Flowers says the new issue is hot off the press (including my little poem "Twenty Years After His Passing My Father Appears to Us in Chicago, at Bobby Chin's Crab & Oyster House, in the Guise of Our Waiter, Ramon").


Also make sure to stop by the Copper Canyon Press table, and pick up a copy (or five! ~grin~) of my hot-off-the-press new book, What's Written on the Body. I'd love to sign one for you! (Other new titles include CD Wright's One Big Self, Dan Gerber's A Primer on Parallel Lives, Ellen Bass' The Human Line, and Marvin Bell's Mars Being Red).


And finally: please come to the off-site reading I am doing with Ann Fisher-Wirth (author of Blue Window, and a study of William Carlos Williams), at Collin Kelly's "Poetry at Portfolio Center" series, on Friday, March 2. It starts at 7:30, and there is an open-mic (sign up at 7pm). The Portfolio Center is located at 125 Bennett Street, Atlanta, GA 30309. Phone: 404.351.5055 or 800.255.3169. See you there!


Pamela said...

When wlll you be at the Copper Canyon table? I want a signed copy of your book.

Peter said...

Hi Pamela: I'd love to sign one for you, and to meet you! I'll touch in with the CCP folks after I arrive, and put up a little sign saying when (no time has been set yet). Otherwise, if you see me around, please do stop and say hi.

Anne said...

Poo! I wish I could be there. Any chance of sending you a check (or Paypal) and getting a signed book via good old U.S. Snail?

Peter said...

Hi Anne:
Thank you. Yes of course, I'd love to send you one by mail. Back channel me by email and let's trade addresses. xop