Thursday, February 22, 2007

Having a good time at the ASU conference. The weather is sunny and warm (though a thunderstorm is forecast for Friday), the campus is lovely, the people are great, the hotel we are put up in is quite comfy. Charles and Jewel and all their staff have done an excellent job. I met an interesting novelist from Vancouver BC on the shuttle from the airport. She and George Witte (who has a new book from Third Rail Press in Seattle) gave the opening reading yesterday. Went to a good line-breaks workshop given by Terry Hummer. I've met a few of my students (my classes start today; a group of eight). Also had the pleasure of meeting our own Richard Siken (who has some fun Yale and LG stories) and the marvy Tony Hoagland (who is much shorter than I had imagined). Walked back to the hotel along Mill Street, watched hordes of starlings beginning to roost in the orange trees as the sun was setting. Though it is fun to meet people, I get overwhelmed after a while, and just have to run back to my room and hide out. I give a workshop on Word Play exercises at 8:15 this morning (yikes!). I hope it is well-received. I may need to bring shots of espresso to help get our heads in gear (mine especially). More later.

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aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...

Hi Peter,

I'm sure your workshop will be very well received! Have fun!