Sunday, February 04, 2007

The "Publican Party"

In response to Bush repeatedly referring to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat Party," Jim St. John of Kirkland, in the letters section of today's PI, has a great comeback: referring to the Republicans as the "Publican Party." It's a name that truly fits (see below).

"Years ago, as a retort I began referring to the "Publican Party," using a biblical term referring to privatized tax collection businesses contracted by the Romans to extract abusive amounts of money from their colonial victims. Publicans were widely reviled in Israel as cowardly traitorous tools of a wealthy conquering empire. Likewise, I regard our modern Publican Party as the traitorous tool of greedy corporatists and a military machine that has an insatiable lust for the money of average folks who pay the bills."


Had a great time on Whidbey, despite the gray rainy weather. A lovely house overlooking Useless Bay. The two cats Spencer and Gracie suitably curious about the guests. Great discussion over lunch about all things poetry: confessionalism, the use of the private vs. the personal, how best to read one's work (monotone, inflected, dramatic), Richard Howard and the color red, William Matthews and red wine, "reviews" vs "criticism," the non-fiction poem, the poem series, the book-length poem, research and poetry, the trials and tribulations of teaching/academia, MFA programs, new books, old favorite books, and more. A yummy chicken and white bean soup. Orange salad with red onion, olives, and balsamic viniagrette. Two kinds of dessert including birthday cake. Such fun. We should do this more often.


Brian Campbell said...

Unfortunately a publican is also the owner and manager of a pub. (Chiefly British use). So it still sounds innocuous to me.

I prefer to call 'em the Philistine party. Not as much repartee there, but maybe it'll get 'em reading Matthew Arnold.

A. D. said...

so gross, snide, smirky, this rhetorical business. ugh.