Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Devil’s Dictionary of Poetic Schools & Movements

. . . or, my afternoon with the anagram machine:

Beat Poetry: A Petty Bore
Black Mountain Poets: I’m Ant on a Slop-Bucket
Cavalier Poetry: Procreative Lay
Concrete Poetry: Type One Correct
Confessional Poetry: So Openly Fornicates
Dada Poem: A Mad Dope
Deep Image Poet: Emptied Apogee
Dramatic Poem: Riot Made Camp
Epic Poetry: Type Copier
Feminist Poetry: I’m Fine, So Pretty
Georgian Poets: Sage on Ego-Trip
Harlem Renaissance: Charmless Inane Era
Imagist Poetry: A Grey Optimist
Language Poetry: Ugly, Ornate Page
Lost Generation: Intolerant Egos
Magical Realism: Lacrimal Images. Liar’s Mega Claims
Medieval Poetry: Morality Peeved
Metaphysical Poetry: Hypocrite’s Playmate
Modernism: More Minds
Narrative Poem: Private Moaner
Nature Poetry: No Rapture Yet
New York School: Clowny Hookers
Oulipo Poetry: Lie to Your Pop. Pool Your Tripe
Parnassian Poetry: Noisy Rants Appear
Pastoral Poem: Tame Proposal
Post-Avant Poetry: A Vast, Petty Porno
Post-Modern Poetry: Dopey Rotten Romps. Soppy or Tormented?
Romantic Poetry: Impotency or Art?
School of Quietude: O! Foul Discotheque
Spiritual Poetry: Popularity Tires
Surrealism: Murals Rise
Surrealist: Surest Liar
Symbolist Poetry: Pity, Mostly Sober
Transcendentalism: Star-Sent Mind Lance


Pamela said...

Oh, these are fabulous! I especially like the Confessional anagram. I keep seeing Fiercely whenever I look at that. I may have to try some of these myself.

The Sublibrarian said...

Personal Lyric: A Corny Sell--R.I.P.

(Sorry. You left a few oxen ungored.)

Peter said...

Ron: Thanks for that one: love it.

O! Silly Prancer
Clearly Prison.
Reap Corny Ills.

Ok, Suitably gored.

Hum & Aepha said...

This is brilliant.