Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Highlights/ASU

Carolyn Forche's new poems. Wow. I can hardly wait for a new book.


Claudia Rankine's cross-genre collaborative poetry. Amazing! She incorporates slow-motion video (one of them of the infamous head-butting episode at the last World Cup) while a narrator's voice drones a long poem about race, class, war, etc. Fascinating.


Sally Ball's class about the sentence in poetry.


The reading last night. A great turnout, maybe 150 people or more? I loved Laurie Nataro's funny-girl non-fiction about exploding pants and drunk-in-first-class airplane flights. She is just a hoot. I want to be her girl-friend.

Tony Hoagland's reading was terrific: his scathing and funny and smart takes on American popular culture and the media were just great.

I think my first reading from the new book went over well. (I was so glad to have read first, so I could sit back and enjoy Tony and Laurie). Signed lots of copies of Body afterwards. They even ran out of books, and had to turn a couple people away empty-handed! (I hope it's a good omen.)

Chatted with some very nice local writers (including a lovely lesbian couple who will be visiting Seattle soon. More on that later), as well as some undergrads and some students in the MFA program here.


One more day of classes. And then home in the morning. I miss my honey. See you soon Dean.



Charles said...

More people were looking for your book today! :)

Thanks again for being here; you were a big hit and everyone loved you and your work, as I knew they would.

Peter said...


Thank you, Charles. It's been a really fun conference!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, am new to Blogging, new to yours, and am thoroughly enjoying my visits.

My hat's off to you and your publishing success. Copper Canyon always puts out such a wonderful work. Re: the highlights you mentioned, I would really love to hear more about the Sally Ball talk, courting a line? I have Googled it in hopes of getting more info but no luck. Would you have the time (please) to elaborate on any of it?


Peter said...

Hi Keith: just seeing your message now, sorry.
I'm not sure I could do Sally's talk justice via a post. I am not sure how best to reach her (perhaps through Four Way books, where she is an editor? Or through ASU?