Saturday, February 10, 2007

Form of Prozac approved for anxious dogs
BLOOMBERG NEWS, WASHINGTON -- A variation on Eli Lilly & Co.'s depression pill Prozac can now be used to help dogs cope with the anxiety of being separated from their owners.
The product, to be sold under the name Reconcile, is designed to help quell panic attacks and bad behavior that separation anxiety can cause. The chewable drug should be used in conjunction with behavior modification, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday in a notice on the agency's Web site.

And let the record show that Anna Nicole Smith is believed to be the first person to prescribe doggy prozac, when she fed her dog a pill during her 2002 reality TV show.


brent goodman said...


This is fascinating. I write for a pet supply company with its own online pet pharmacy, and have been assigned to write articles about the benefits of DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromones), but never puppy prozac!

Thanks for the heads up. I foresee an article assignment on its way...


Collin said...

Anna always was a trailblazer.