Thursday, June 16, 2005

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Dean and I are going to see queer novelist D. Travers Scott, a local writer and friend of ours, read from his new novel, One of These Things is Not Like the Other, tonight at 7pm at Bailey-Coy Books on Capitol Hill. He is on the bill to read with Chilean-Canadian writer Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco.

Here is an excerpt from a review in the Miami Weekly News:

"No one should ever accuse Seattle-based writer D. Travers Scott of playing it safe. His latest novel, “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” (Suspect Thoughts Press, paperback, $16.95), is one seriously fucked-up piece of storytelling. (Please note, that’s said with admiration.) I defy anyone to find the familiar in his tale of quadruplet brothers – all named Jake Barnes.

The identical brothers were raised in isolation by their father (also Jake Barnes), and operate under the family mythology that their mother died when they were born. Their individuality was muzzled until they collectively made a break from their dad and settled into vastly different lives.

When dear ol’ dad commits suicide, he leaves behind the message that one of them is an outsider born to a different woman; and the four boys began unraveling every shred of information about their lives to solve the puzzle. Scott shifts the perspective among the brothers, focusing on each of their differences as he drags them toward a collision with the truth.

Brutal, twisted and sometimes completely frustrating, “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” is a meditation on identity that requires a healthy suspension of disbelief. While its parts might be greater than the sum, it’s rare to come across a writer this fearless and original."



Radish King said...

Love the new look Peter! Are you going to eat at the Cantina after?

C. Dale said...

Peter, you give good blog. Like the new look.

Peter said...

Thanks CDY and RL. (Rebecca: we will go to El Greco or Julia's before; and are open to anywhere after if you are free.)

Glad you like the new look; I was getting so tired of the old one. But I lost all my links!! So I have had to rebuild them one by one. I am still missing a few of the recently-added ones, like Ginger and Mark. Drop me a note and I can add you back.

Charles said...

Am I in Boca, or is this your blog? J/k, I love it.

And PS. Congratulations to you, my friend.

Ivy said...

Woah! Groovy, new look!

Let's have a blog-warming party! :-)

D. Travers Scott said...

Hey Peter! Thanks for the blog-plug, and great seeing you and Dean last night. Hope you enjoyed it! - Trav

Peter said...

Hi Trav: Great reading! You both did really well, and Dean and I are really enjoying the books. That Francisco is a funny guy!