Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let's Try It On the Dog

These are the dog days of summer
and like a dog in a manger I am living a dog's
portion of a dog's life in this dog-eat-dog
town, dogging it in a doggery, a salty
dog in my hand, drinking the hair
of the dog that bit me.

Dog-tired, dog-faced, the dog ends
of my dog days in a dogged heap;
dog-cheap in my dog collared shirt,
my dog Latin would make a damn dog laugh,
or at least a blue dog blush.

Dressed like a dog's dinner, walking
like a dog in shoes while you top dogs
put on the dog, my dog feelings tell me
the smell of the dog is upon me —
I've been given the dog to hold.

An easy thing to find a stick
to beat a dog. But dog on it! This dog's
body is hanging on till the last dog is hung.
And I'll walk the black dog on
till you blow your dogs off.

These are the dog days of summer.
Sirius, the dog star, rises over
this dog's breakfast as if to ask:
Whose dog is dead? Next time,
let's let sleeping dog's lie.



Ivy said...

Hot diggity dog!

Suzanne said...

LOL! This is great, Peter. Really great.

Radish King said...

You get an A because you put a dog in all your stanzas.


Thanks for the apricot martinis, yummy!


Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

bow WOW

Anne said...

This made me laugh till I was sick as a dog. :)

(Okay, not really. I chuckled, but I'm at work so I controlled myself. I just wanted to use "sick as a dog" because you didn't.)

Emily Lloyd said...

YEAH, baby! (and I'm a cat person--though a salty dog is one of my favorite drinks)

Esther's Writing Works said...

I just read it to my boxer, Butch, and we're both BOL (barking out loud)


A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

There's a drink called a 'Salty Dog'? That's fantastic.

jenni said...

Gawd i luv salty dogs.

I was married to a dog once.

(Hilarious poem, Peter)!

Patty said...

Dog! This dog eat dog world had me feeling all hang dog, but dog gone it, this poem is top dog, it does hunt, and now I'm happy as a dog on a bone!