Sunday, June 26, 2005


I got the link to the Concordance program from Steven. Amazon still hasn't posted it for Saying the World (I sent them the forms almost two months ago). So I was happy to be able to do this myself. Here is what I got (after eliminating all the common articles and conjunctions and prepositions, unless they seemed unusual.) It'll be interesting to try this on my next book (which is still in the works).

What do I find interesting? The top words in Saying the World are: first, life, father, mother; which I guess makes sense in a book that has a lot of family and medical stuff in it. The top three colors: blue, white, red (my, how patriotic). The top three body parts: face, eyes, hand & hair (tie). Most frequent time of day: morning. Why does "car" appear so often! jeez. I thought there would be more "blood" and "baby."

Saying the World
Unique words = 3144 Total words = 9541
rank word freq
43 First 25
52 life 19
60 say 17
68 father 14
69 mother 14
70 open 14
72 room 14
77 face 13
78 light 13
79 long 13
80 remember 13
81 time 13
82 up 13
84 years 13
86 blue 12
87 Car 12
88 eyes 12
89 morning 12
90 perhaps 12
91 red 12
93 white 12
94 door 11
95 dead 11
98 hand 11
99 hair 11
100 last 11
101 Next 11
105 three 11
106 way 11
107 wonder 11
108 Yet 11
109 amid 10
110 blood 10
111 baby 10


Steven D. Schroeder said...

Blue, white, and red were my most-used colors too, in that order, with black fourth. Funny that the other primary color lags behimd. I'll have to punch up yellow.

Isn't it fun to mess with that app?

Suzanne said...

This was fun--my words were:


--How Degas. *lol*

Peter said...

Steve: Yes, I am having fun with this. Who knows where it will lead.

Suzanne: Oh, yes. Very Degas. Love it.

Peter said...
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Patty said...

If you haven't already seen this, you should check it out:

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ESSAY; The Word Crunchers
Published: June 5, 2005, Sunday