Friday, March 29, 2013


Third Annual “Plate of Nations” Celebrates Global Cuisine in Rainier Valley

RAINIER VALLEY – Attention local foodies!
Hankering for simmering Somali goat stew or Lao papaya salad with Blue Crab? What about Vietnamese Claypot fish and Ethiopian dry-cooked lamb? Or how about Okonomiyaki Japanese cabbage pancakes with hazelnut risotto cakes?
MLK Jr. Way South, home to some of Seattle’s best, independently-owned ethnic eateries, has all of these exotically tasty dishes and more to offer during the Third Annual Plate of Nations event.
From March 24 to April 6, Plate of Nations will draw food lovers and urban adventurers to sample the local venues and global menus offered by some of the best restaurants in the city, right here in the heart of the Rainier Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the country.

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