Friday, June 24, 2005

I Wanted to be The Fool . . .

. . . but I like the idea of "milking pleasure."

The Sun Card
You are the Sun card. The light of the Sun reveals
all. The Sun is joyful and bright, without fear
or reservation. The childish nature of the Sun
allows you to play and feel free. Exploration
can truly take place in the light of day when
nothing is hidden. The Sun's rays fill you with
energy so that you may live life to its
fullest, milking pleasure out of each day. Such
joy and energy can bring wealth and physical
pleasure. To shine in the light of day is to
have confidence, to soak up its rays is to feel
the freedom of a child. Image from: Stevee

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jenni said...


You are the Strength card. Strength occurs when we are able to work with our primal instincts. In Aleister Crowley's Book of Thoth, this card is called Lust. Lust can be thought of as the source of our inner power. Our desires, when firmly held, provide us with the energy and direction we need to achieve our goals. Strength relates to the practice of magick. Magick is the ability to use the will to alter reality in some way. In the strength card, we see a woman, by way of her gentleness and will, tame a wild lion. Her own inner capabilities have enabled her to perform this magickal feat. This is the kind of spiritual or primal strength that is indicated by this card.

Esther's Writing Works said...

And I wanted to be justice, but, alas, I am the fool.


Pamela said...

And I wanted to be the Moon, but, alas, I have lived up to all predictions by my elementary schoolteachers and am--Satan.

Peter said...

Strength, Justice, Satan: there is some real variety here!

early hours of sky said...

well I AM the moom. I like that you are the sun Peter. It fits.

teru said...

I've had a bad day, but your card made my heart warm. Thank you for your blog! By the way it is first time to post.

Emily Lloyd said...

Sweet Peter, I am the sun AND terza rima. I saw recently on someone's blog the question "Who is your blogger twin?" Will you be mine, will you be mine, won't you be my neighbor?

Milking pleasure, indeed.

Peter said...

Dear Emily: Of course I will be your twin. LOL. And I promise not to kick or snore or hog the blankets.

Tony said...


I am also the Sun!