Monday, June 27, 2005

The Morning After

Thanks all: it was a fun night out with old friends, drinking and dining. Among the gifts: a shot glass from Utah (hehehe), a green shirt, a miniature Edwardian solarium, and a copy of the new Stanley Kunitz poetry/garden memoir The Wild Braid. In thanks, I recited a Frank O'Hara poem by heart. And now it's back to work . . . ah, Monday.


jenni said...

Let us know what you think of the Kunitz memoir--I may be interested in reading it.

Anne said...

The Kunitz book must be the Blogger Book of the Moment! (I picked up a copy at the Provincetown Bookshop, which seemed fitting.) I'll be interested to hear what you think of it, too. The photos are just lovely -- I haven't actually read the thing yet (Doug Powell is keeping us so busy I feel guilty even taking the time to post this comment on your blog!).

Peter said...

I have just started the Kunitz book: it's a mixture of memoir and poems, with gorgeous pictures of him wandering his garden. His childhood was pretty rough: his father committed suicide just before he was born; his mother eventually remarried and the stepfather died suddenly too. So a lot of early loss. Interesting to see how these appear subtlely in the poems. That's as far as I've gotten so far.

LKD said...

Happy 46!! You sure as heck don't look 46. Do you feel 46? If you do....what does 46 feel like?

Just out of curiosity, what O'Hara did you recite?

I'll have to buy that Kunitz. He breaks my heart, I swear. He made me cry at the Dodge poetry festival when he recited that poem about waiting for Halley's comet and his dead dad.

Here. It ends thusly:

"Look for me, Father, on the roof
of the red brick building
at the foot of Green Street --
that's where we live, you know, on the top floor.
I'm the boy in the white flannel gown
sprawled on this coarse gravel bed
searching the starry sky,
waiting for the world to end."

Peter said...

Laurel: Age is just a number. I still feel like a kid. hehehe. I recited "Poem" (Lana Turner has collapsed!). It was really funny.

Re Kunitz's poem, it's wonderful, and familiar. What is the title of it? I don;t see it in the book at first glance.

Patty said...

The Kunitz poem is "Halley's Comet"

I'm glad you had a nice b'day!