Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rock & Sling Inaugural issue

My contributor's copy of the inaugural issue of Rock & Sling arrived in the mail yesterday. It's a new literary magazine out of Spokane, WA, edited by Chris Kristensen, Susan Cowger, and Laurie Klien, whose theme is "Post-Modern Christianity." Being a lapsed catholic, I have years of wondrous parochial school indoctrination to write from, and they took four poems. One of them, "The Judas Tree," (see below) was chosen for a highlighted commentary by one of the editors. It's one of several Gay Jesus Poems I wrote years ago during my "Ai phase," when her book Sin was one of my guidebooks for how to write a persona.

The journal has excellent production values: gorgeous engaging glossy color cover; clean and easy to read typography and layout; no typos. I am pleased to be included with fine poets such as Michael Bonacci, Rebecca Loudon, Laurie Lamon, and Lisa Roullard; and there is an interesting interview with Li-Young Lee.

The Judas Tree

(Tell me about the sin of pride
and I'll tell you
about the lie of forgiveness.
-- Ai, "Two Brothers")

Would it be enough to say
I was afraid? That I stood accused,
wrists bound, eyes blackened?
That centurions led me to a high balcony,
showed me the throng
swarming for Passover, and you
among them, riding a donkey?

You love him? they jeered,
and spit in my face. Then
kiss him
, they hissed,
and knocked me to the floor.

Rose welts streaked the dawn
as I dangled. And later, red flowers
pierced my thorned limbs
in your honor.

To hell with dreams of silver,
with your magical fall that lifts us
from the muck. Without a lover
there is no beloved.


PS: Happy Belated-Easter! (wink grin)


Peter said...

Anne at Land Mammal has a fascinating post about the Li-Young Lee interview. Check it out on her blog.

Anne said...

I'm so glad you posted about this journal! And (belatedly, now that I've yammered on about other things) congratulations on the inclusion of your poems. "The Judas Tree" is a knockout.

Boyce Canizales said...

I read an interesting article on it I would like to share with you...