Saturday, March 26, 2005

180 More

I was delighted to go to Bailey Coy Books after dinner at La Cocina last night, and find the new Billy Collins-edited 180 More: Extraordinary Poems For Every Day on display there. (The Poetry 180 series began with Collins's poem-a-day program for American high schools, when he was poet laureate. There are 180 days of school, hence 180 poems in the anthology). It is chock full of fun "hospitable" poems, including poets such as Kay Ryan, Mark Doty, Bob Hicok, Li-Young Lee, Aimee Nezhukumatahil, Rebecca Wee, Sharon Olds, and even John Ashbery (which is a surprise to me, as I don't think of his poems as very accessible). Best of all, I got to see one of my poems, "Anagrammer," which originally appeared in Poetry, included with the others. Yay. Hopefully I can lead some highschoolers (and others) down the dark path of anagrams and other word play.

Here is one from F. J. Bergmann

An Apology

Forgive me
for backing over
and smashing
your red wheelbarrow.

It was raining
and the rear wiper
does not work on
my new plum-colored SUV.

I am also sorry
about the white



Radish King said...

YAAAAAAY Peter! How was the show at La
Cocina? Did you sit by the street? I love that place, especially when the doors are open. Plus you can see the guys in the gym across the street. Or used to could. Not sure the gym is still there. Did you go to Dilettante Chocolates after for desert?

C. Dale said...

Hahahahahahaha. Heh heh heh heh heh. That poem is hilarious. I love Williams, but this poem is just so called for! Why didn't one of us think about writing such a poem. You know, kill off our doctor-poet father.

Ivy said...

That poem is so cool.


Peter said...

C Dale: that is so Freudian. And funny. Wasn't somebody accusing you the other day of driving an SUV? :)

Scalljah said...

At 5 past Tuesday
celebral lunatics
talking of relevance
on the art boards in cyberspace
gather sound,
claiming to make the patterns of exchange
they create
into a number of truths
which frame a commitment
to concrete expression
by anchoring sense in earth bound images
within the context of modernity

I listen

by the weight of voices

test a theory
of how
to picture

by measuring
the relative
of each syllable

with its syntatic sense
of assonance
alliterative value
poet’s breath

the machinist said...

Congrats, Peter! Perhaps we can have a celebratory drink next week!

Kells said...

Congrats Peter! I'm looking forward to picking up a copy.

Also, loved the Franz Wright poem you just posted.