Friday, March 11, 2005

Flaming Crepes Suzette

Congrats again to Eduardo on his "Discovery"/The Nation Award.

Yesterday the pulmonia driver taking us back from Olas Altas asked Dean and I if we were "looking for some senoritas?” Because this was the part of town to get “senoritas.” I told him “No, thank you.” But I really wanted to set him straight that we were a couple, and not in the market for "senoritas." He gave me a funny look and laughed, and I realize now that it’s because instead of saying “No, gracias,” I said “No mas” which means “no more” as if we had just had some “senoritas” and didn't need anymore. Oh my god.

We had dinner at Angelos last night. A fun table of three Hawaiian couples near us. And a karaoke lounge singer with a hand held mic going from table to table taking requests for songs. We ordered flaming Crepes Suzette made at our table for dessert, as the karaoke guy sang our "request" for the Bee Gees “How Deep is Your Love?” (He didn’t know “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” or any Elton John, which is what we actually requested). We nearly died laughing, it was so kitschy, but so sweet.

Looking forward to visiting museums today, and then going out to the pool again.


Kells said...

Peter, that is hilarious about the "no more" senoritas! Yes, we've had too many, no more. ;-) LOL!

Your trip sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more. No Elton John and karaoke?! There is always a drunk couple that wants to sing "Crocodile Rock." And of course, someone to sing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" (dat-dat-dah...good times never felt so good--so good-so good-so good...)

Peter said...

KRA: yes it was pretty silly. Such a great way to relax. And actually getting a little new writing done. yay.