Monday, March 28, 2005

"Tomorrow will be just like today only different"

from 180 More:

Publication Date

One of the few pleasures of writing
is the thought of one's book in the hands of a kind-hearted
intelligent person somewhere. I can't remember what the others are right now.
I just noticed that it is my own private

National I Hate Myself and Want to Die Day
(which means the next day I will love my life
and want to live forever). The forecast calls
for a cold night in Boston all morning

and all afternoon. They say
tomorrow will be just like today
only different. I'm in the cemetery now
at the edge of town, how did I get here?

A sparrow limps past on it's little bone crutch saying
I am Frederico Garcia Lorca
risen from the dead --
literature will lose, sunlight will win, don't worry.

--Franz Wright (originally appeared in Field)

I loved Wright's Walking to Martha's Vineyard, with all its deep seriousness, its hope and loss of hope, its faith and loss of faith. This poem seems to inject a little more humor into the situation.


the machinist said...

Peter--I can't find your e-mail, so this'll have to do.

If you get this before Tuesday afternoon, e-mail me at Maybe we can figure out drinks or something else equally as exciting. Barring that, I'll see you at the Hayden Carruth Award reading on Thursday, for sure. Have a safe flight/drive!

Suzanne said...

I love these last two poems you posted from 180. Thank you!

Erin B. said...

Peter: Yesterday, I got your book 'Saying the World'. Thank you.

Peter said...

Woody: I left you an email.
Suzanne: glad you liked 'em. I am digging the whole book.
Erin: Thank you, that is so nice of you. Will you be at AWP?