Monday, March 07, 2005

Just Blogging Around

I have visited several fun and interesting places the past week in Blogland:

Rhubarb is Susan has nifty brief and thoughtful reviews of individual poems from literary journals and zines.

Daniel Nestor has a translation of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" into Ubbi Dubbi, plus a link to the Ubbi Dubbi site, where you can translate your own favorite texts.

Laura Glenum's The Hounds of No is not a new site, but the poems (and the graphics) are freaking amazing. Check it out.

David Koehn comments on Avoiding the Muse: "Just because you are hung like a horse doesn't mean you have to do porn."

(And, speaking of Queen, Rebecca Loudon reviews her night at the opera, The Magic Flute.)


jenni said...

I love DN's translations of Rhapsody. He had one up awhile back that had graphics and it was hilarious. I still visit it sometimes for a giggle.

Hope your day is wonderful!

C. Dale said...

Hey now! That horse thing was taken out of context.

Peter said...

sorry . . . no offense intended (if any was taken) . . . I just thought the quote from the movie was funny as hell.

C. Dale said...

No offense taken. In fact, I was kind of flattered. Hehehehe.