Sunday, March 27, 2005

March Madness

Sorry to be AWOL, but three of the four NCAA Regional Finals men's college basketball games have gone to OVERTIME this weekend (one went to double-overtime). Talk about cardiac kids. Don't you just LOVE THIS GAME!


jenni said...

jack loves college b-ball. i don't mind college so much, but the pros--ugh--they pay those guys an insane amnt of money. it's a little disgusting.

Pamela said...

Here in my hometown, I am one of the lone Cardinal fans. Most of my neighbors are curled up in the fetal position, with flags at half mast.

Seriously, I was hoping for an in-state Final Four.

I think this weekend had the most exciting regionals ever!

the machinist said...

Go Illini! I'm not a basketball guy so much anymore, but still--Go Illini! My claim to fame? I had math class with James Augustine at Lincoln-Way High School.

Anne said...

well, you know what good old Emily said -- "March Madness is divinest sense / To a discerning eye" -- so enjoy, while we here in Hoosierland pout and grumble!