Monday, October 23, 2006

It's been unseasonably warm and sunny this October. We have a poppy in the back yard that is blooming again, a dozen giant buds! It's a little disturbing, a little manic and out of place, these bright orange flowers I'm used to seeing in June-July (I wonder if this feeling is what Plath's poem, "Poppies in October," is refering to?).

Spent much of yesterday working in the yard with Dean, planting about 100 bulbs: daffodils, tulips, crocus, allium. We sprinkled red pepper flakes with them, so the crazy squirrel in the neighborhood doesn't dig them all up, like he did last year. We'll see if the hot little surprise when he bites in to one is enough to ward him off this year.

Went to a terrific poetry reading by Martha Collins, from Blue Front, at Open Books. Amazing stuff. A pleasure to meet her. Then off to my nephew Brett's first birthday party. Which was a hoot, until he got some cake in his eyes ~grin~.


Pamela said...

Nice post--I had an "AHA/Homer Simpson DOH" moment about the October part of the Plath poem.

We have 80 tulip bulbs to get in the ground this week--it's been too wet and we have put it off.

Also, did you see this? I am in total agreement, especially since both professions are rooted in the sensory experience.

cornshake said...

hi peter-- squirrels have been plaguing my bulbs last yr too and i am determined to win this year, esp since i too have a bunch of allium and tulips to get into the ground...tell me...has the red pepper flakes helped? how much did you add to each bulb?

Peter said...

A: We bought several shakers of red pepper flakes, and sprinkled a half-teaspoon or so with each bulb, and more on the dirt on top. So far so good! Only a couple have been dug up. And we are watching for some sneezing, red-mouthed, pissed-off squirrels.

cornshake said...

sounds good...hopefuly it will be a bit drier this wknd so i can finish planting and will try out the pepper idea too--thx!