Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blue Fifth is Fresh

I have some poems in the new issue of Blue Fifth Review. One of them, "Body Talk" is forthcoming in What's Written on the Body. Below is a glimpse of the table of contents (I love the section titles!). Are some of the names familiar? Some good stuff here. Thanks to Sam for all his hard work on this.

Blue Fifth Review, Fall 2006
poets & artists

Tattoo of Love by Ernest Williamson III
Featured Poet: Robert Lietz

I: Kneaded
[ Grenside, Dodge, Piercy, Britt, Sato, Persons,
Ballard, Taylor, White, LeWinter, Diaz ]

II: The Dust of Worry
[ Hudspith, Thompson, Roby, Pereira, Woodcock,
Shockley, Stempleman, Bruno ]

III: Windy Vowels, Consonant Doors
[ Chaffin, Elbe, Williamson, Johnson, Losse,
Hamm, Krok, Potos, Lineberger, Frost ]

IV: To Carry Emptiness
[ Allen, Vidrine, Carrington, Kalbasi, Illich, Petrakis,
Thompson, McGlynn, Engler, Timm, Henning ]

Featured Artist: Leslie Marcus


Nick said...

Congrats on the pub, Peter.

Peter said...

And to you, too, Nick.