Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Deep Play

"The notion that inspired play (even when audacious, offensive, or
obscene) enhances rather than diminishes intellectual vigor and spiritual
fulfillment, the notion that in the eyes of the gods the tight-lipped hero
and the wet-cheeked victim are frequently inferior to the red-nosed
clown, such notions are destined to be a hard sell to those who have E.M.
Forster on their bedside table and a clump of dried narcissus up their ass.

"Not to worry. As long as words and ideas exist, there will be a few
misfits who will cavort with them in a spirit of approfondement--if I may
borrow that marvelous French word that translates roughly as "playing
easily in the deep"--and in so doing they will occasionally bring to
realization Kafka's belief that 'a novel should be an ax for the frozen seas
around us.'"

-"In Defiance of Gravity" by Tom Robbins, Harper's Magazine, Sept


a. j. patrick liszkiewicz said...

I love this quote. It makes me seriously entertain the possibility that Tom Robbins is floating around somewhere in the sky. ; )

Pamela said...

Well, I'd be willing to bet that something is floating in the sky around Robbins...Just a theory, mind you, just a theory!