Friday, October 27, 2006


Hot off the press from Oregon State University, Long Journey, Contemporary Northwest Poets, edited by David Biespiel. Includes the work of over 80 poets, including: Bruce Beasley, Linda Bierds, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Sam Hamill, Christopher Howell, Richard Kenny, Dorianne Laux, Heather McHugh, Suzanne Paola, Peter Pereira, Lucia Perillo, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Martha Silano, Clemens Starck, Joan Swift, Mary Szybist, Nance Van Winckel, David Wagoner, Ingrid Wendt, and many, many more. Get your copy here or here.

PS: There is not a single heron, salmon, or Doug Fir in the entire book.

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Radish King said...


Pretty impressive lineup.

Rebecca, Heron free since 1957

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks for the tip, Peter. I certainly want to get this one.

Diane K. Martin said...

Hey, I have a heron *and* an egret in my book -- couple crows and so forth. So what's the big deal?


Peter said...

Diane: LOL. It's a "Pacific Northwest Poet" thing, where it seemed for a while in the 70's and 80's that *everyone* had a heron or a salmon or a blackberry in their poem. I think it is from the Hugo/Roethke/Bentley legacy. Most now try to avoid it like the plague.