Sunday, October 22, 2006


The Primary Care reading went pretty well. There were six of us reading, including Jack Coulehan, one of the editors of the anthology. (Which is a beautiful book, btw, Iowa does a great job). We kept it short and sweet, read for about ten minutes each, which was plenty, really (remember: leave them begging for more, not begging for mercy). We had a fairly large attentive audience (about 50 people). And some good questions at the end. Some of the highlights, for me, were: Ted McMahon's powerful "Silver Fork, American River," about being on a team to salvage a rafter's body from where he had drowned in whitewater; Arthur Ginsberg's (no relation to Allen, hahaha) poem about pushing chemo in the pediatric ward as a resident; Jack Coulehan's poem "The 600 Pound Man" and how he finds him beautiful in the end; John Wright's funny as heck "Blue Helper" poem, about post-prostate cancer use of Viagra; Karl Weyrauck's poem about being on the receiving end of a cardio-version. Good stuff. I read Bonnie Salomon's (yes, there are women physician poets!) "Call It," about calling a code in the ER, and a couple from Saying the World that are in the anthology, as well as a couple new pieces that are in What's Written on the Body, and was pleased with how the new stuff went over (one of them read in public for the first time). A party of about 14 of us went out for dinner afterwards at Trattoria Mitchelli. What fun!


The Sublibrarian said...

Sorry I missed it, and glad it went well.

Word verification was zlxfu which, at least this morning, looks a drug name.

anything but poetry said...

Sounds like a great anthology. Iowa does do great anthologies. Can't wait to check it out. Glad the reading went well.