Thursday, June 08, 2006

Can We Help You?

I was at one of our Northend clinics today, helping with an electronic medical records implementation and saw posted at one of the provider's desk a listing of some of the "Reason for Today's Visit" that have been written on patient's charts over the years:

Fist in armpit

General wart

information regarding chicken pots

Herniated Dick

skin falling off penis


stablish care, GAU assing pt

pt wants Dr. to interfere with her virginity

pap snear

f/u on freezing of face

pt able to walk 50 yrs before he needs to stop

get her tubes tight

Dumbness in fingers


Sounds like a fun place to work.


Collin said...

Oh, dear...remind me to avoid this hospital at all costs. ;)

Radish King said...

Oh Peter, these are hilarious!
pap snear indeed.

Pamela said...

Thank you for these! I have hundreds, yet several of of these are new classics for my list.
(F/U CK is going to the top of the charts with a bullet!) In 2 decades of transcription, my favorite is still "baloney amputation." New transcriptionists are the mostest fun. Really.

Peter said...

Glad you all found these amusing. My personal favorite was "Dumbness in fingers." Hahahaha . . . on so many levels.

Pamela: it took me a few minutes, but i finally got it: "baloney amputation" is "below knee amputation." hehehe, priceless!