Monday, June 12, 2006

Do these pants make my calves look fat?

In honor of Rafael Nadal, the capri-wearing Majorcan who yesterday defended his French Open crown in a thrilling four-set match over boring Swiss Roger Federer, I will repost my "Question of the Week(end)" from last year:

Q: If you were a gay man, would you wear capri pants?

Please choose one:

A: Definitely yes! They are the latest fashion statement.
B: Maybe: it depends upon how hot it it is outside.
C: What are capri pants? Are they like cargo pants?
D: Definitely no. I would not be caught dead wearing them.
E: Gay men do not wear capri pants. They are strictly for metrosexuals.

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Anne said...

I dunno about "if I were a gay man" (my flannel-wearing lesbo fashion sense won't permit that kind of creative thinking, hehe) but I know Rafa can wear whatEVER he wants to. That boy can PLAY. Man.